Smarter and Stronger

Blog 2392 – 05.13.2022

Smarter and Stronger

Today is Friday the Thirteenth, but relax unless you are A Templar Knight trying to keep your treasure hidden from some greedy church or political leader you have nothing to worry about just be smart and be strong.

In the United States the dime novels and the movies, silent and talkies, have long taught the myth of the lone hero who faces all his challenges alone, listening to no other voice, but his own and relying on no other help than his own hands can provide. This mythical hero is neither smart, strong, nor real.

Let him or her who has ears, listen and let him or her who has a heart, care and share. I am grateful for yesterday’s quote of the day reminder regarding two ways to be smarter and stronger. I was listening and what I heard I share with you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Power Of Two

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