Good To Have Goals

Blog 2393 – 05.14.2022

Good To Have Goals

When I began this daily encouraging word blog seven years ago I set a goal of ten thousand blogs. I had read one writer’s theory on the success of the Beatles being attributed to their many eight hour sets when they were in Germany. He postulated that if one wants to be expert at anything they have only to do it ten thousand times to reach that goal.

Long as I can remember I have wanted to be a good writer. I figure whether I live long enough to write those ten thousand blog I will achieve my goal of becoming the best writer than I can if I just keep at it. I discovered long ago that my best ideas come to me while I am writing so I do not wait for inspiration to strike I just start writing and am usually as surprised as anyone else where that takes me.

I try to keep the three E’s in mind when I write: Entertain, Enlighten, and Encourage. The particular order is not as important as trying to achieve all three with every attempt, especially Encourage.

I think we are all of us trying to leave something behind for those we love and that we hope will remember us fondly when we make our exit from this particular stage of endeavor. I have finally quit my day job. Fortunately I have all my bills paid off and and my wife and I can live on our retirement checks so we are not dependent on my words and singing voice to support us. I see you smiling, thinking that is a good thing. It is.

Of all my regrets and like most of you I have a few, I wish I had pursued a writing, singing, song-writing, speaking, teaching career earlier in life and made them my livelihood. But, hey what time I have left I hope to spend as much of it as I can pursuing those goals.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Leave Something Behind

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