Candle In The Wind

Blog 2382 – 05.03.2022

Candle In The Wind

Sir Elton John wrote and sang a tribute to Marilyn Monroe that he later changed a few words to and used to honor Princess Diana upon her also premature passing. Both beautiful ladies remain forever young in our memory.

Images of Marilyn Monroe, whose candle burned brightly, but briefly in the middle of the last century, can still be found everywhere. I read where someone said that they thought it was not right to so honor a whore. I have often said we are all whores for we all work “assets” for money.

I recently heard a definition of the word slut that I think is spot on: “A slut is someone who is having more sex than you, someone who is enjoying life more than you.” Shame on us all for being so petty and judgmental.

Jesus once said to the most religious and also petty and judgmental people of his day, the leading two Jewish sects, the Sadducees and the Pharisees, that the harlots (whores) and the tax collectors would enter the kingdom of heaven ahead of them.

My New Testament Survey professor in Bible College gave us an easy way to remember the Sadducees and Pharisees the first group was very “sad you see” and the second group was not very “fair you see.”

Like Sir Elton, I was just a kid when Marilyn Monroe’s candle was blown out. The memory of her bright star still shines and warms the hearts of men and women around the world today. The most beloved, big hearted, and loving character in Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War novel Gone With The Wind in my book is not Melanie Wilkes, but Belle Watling, the Rahab in that story. Honor and praise go to where and to whom they are due despite all the small-minded, sad, and unfair people out there.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Candle In The Wind

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