It’s A Morning In May

Blog 2381 – 05.02.2022

It’s A Morning In May

Today is Betty Lou Stokes’ eighty-fifth birthday. Yesterday, we gathered to celebrate with her at a Cheddars in Spring, Texas. There is usually at least one clown in the family and he showed up in his big clown shoes, rainbow wig, and big red clown nose. Betty had a wonderful time and Dee Jay the Clown, well, let us just say his borrowed life philosophy is: “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.”

Sadly due to more than a few clown murderer movies out there, clowns have gotten a pretty bad rap of late. Happily for Dee Jay, there were no crying babies yesterday, just a lot of folks young and old who seemed to appreciate someone willing to clown around. There were a lot smiles and even a squeal of joy or two. Dee Jay, ole Crazy Dave, felt like Minnie Pearl – just so glad to be there.

I share this picture and post hoping that Betty has a beautiful morning in May today for her birthday and that each of you do as well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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