“Pink Sky In The Morning…”

Blog 2377 – 04.28.2022

“Pink Sky In The Morning…”

The rest of that ole saying is, “Sailors take warning” the pink morning sky being a sign of stormy weather ahead. As I love stormy weather I also love the promise in the pink morning skies.

I am a morning person and I heard all you late night folks groaning, “Oh, no not another one of those early bird gets the worm guys.” Rest easy, unless one is a bird or an avid fisherman who wants to be the first to get a worm anyway? How late you stay up or how early you rise is no concern of mine and in my humble estimation heaven awakes us all, those who stay up till past midnight and get up at the crack of noon and those early to bed and early to rise folks too.

Why we think our personal preferences are rules everyone else needs to follow is a mystery to me. But, then thank goodness, heaven, or our higher best self we have clues as to the truly important stuff coming our way like the weather. The book says, “He causes his rain to fall on the just and the unjust.” But then I guess I always thought a truly Heavenly Father would love all his children not just those who congregate and pretend they never bend or break the rules. One of His favorites (and we all are) was quite a rule bender if not breaker. Men make rules, based mostly on their own preferences and then claim divine authority. Silly rabbits such tricks are for kids.

I saw a pink sky this morning and I took it for a good sign, but then I do love the rain. As another ole saying goes, “April showers, they bring the flowers, that bloom in May.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Rose

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