Be Kind, Rewind

Blog 2376 – 04.27.2022

Be Kind, Rewind

Today’s title is a dated phrase from back when VHS Video stores like Blockbuster were everywhere and people rented movies regularly. Many of the movie rental stores would charge you extra if you returned a movie without rewinding it because they did not like having to do it themselves. No customer wanted to have to rewind a movie before they could watch it.

But, I am using the phrase in a slightly different way asking everyone to remember to be kind and rewind, and try again when we have failed to be kind. It takes a big person to admit when they are wrong and an even bigger person to realize they have missed an opportunity to do a kindness and to rewind and give it another go.

One of my favorite analogies along this line is the story of an important business man running to catch his commuter train into the big city where he worked. In his rush to catch the train before it pulled away from his stop he ran into a young newspaper boy sending him sprawling and his papers flying. The train was already beginning to pullout and he had an important early morning meeting to make, but instead of jumping on the train, he turned around and went back to help the boy up and to pick up his papers. The businessman even apologized to the boy, admitting the accident was all his fault. The poor stunned paper boy looked into the eyes of the man in the three piece suit and asked, “Are you Jesus?” He knew from Sunday School that Jesus was said to be kind.

Love is patient, love is kind, love takes it’s sweet time, seizing every opportunity to show itself. If you’ve read my blog you probably know that I do not set a lot of store in religions per se. I like the old gospel song, “Gimme That Ole Time Religion” the kind “that makes me love everybody.”

Be Kind, Re-Wind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Make You Feel My Love

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