Blog 2378 – 04.29.2022


I am not usually fond of anagrams but the above is one of my favorites. It was used in a training program to remind trainers that it is their job to get the training across. It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. College professors are often arrogant and pride themselves in the large percentage of students who fail their classes. Those professors are the true failures, in my book, for it is the job of teachers, lecturers, and professors to design their presentations to be simple enough that even a child can easily grasp and retain what it is they are hoping to get across.

It takes real work and skill to say in as few words as possible the thoughts or lessons you wish to convey. As inspired as we might think what we have to say is, it is worthless if we cannot share it in a way where it can be received, filed away and easily retrieved by our listeners.

What are you trying to say, wordy Dave? The title says it all (K.I.S.S.) Keep It Simple, Stupid. Three paragraphs and a poem should do the trick.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Three Times A Lady

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