Deliberately Breathing, Deliberately Living

Blog 2372 – 04.22.2022

Deliberate Breathing, Deliberate Living

I have never really understood prayer or meditation for that matter. One of the best meditation techniques is what I like to call deliberate breathing. Imagine that you are breathing in not just air but pure, uncut love. That’s right take a slow deep breath and hold it as long as you can, then slowly let it out. The scientists say that our exhale gives breath to everything green and that green things exhale the oxygen that we need to keep our bodies alive.

After being tortured for hours, nailed to a cross, and pierced in the side with a lance, the King James Bible says, “Jesus spoke, ‘Father, Father why have you forsaken me’ and yielded up the spirit.” Literally those last words might be translated “he quite breathing.”

I believe that prayer and meditation are a two way conversation like breathing.

To me, God is our higher best self, that greater, bigger part of us that psychiatrists refer to as the subconscious, our conscious self being but the tip of iceberg, visible above the surface of deep deep waters.

We are often more than we think, but then thinking is what sets us somewhat above all the creatures who swim, crawl, walk, or fly here.

Deliberately thinking. Like deliberately breathing is deliberately living. And we do that when we stay connected to our bigger, better self, when we remember Who and Whose we truly are.

Sometimes tragic or painful events cause us to stop breathing, stop thinking, stop living. Breathe, just breathe, deliberately.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Only Hope

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