Cronus, The God Of Time

Blog 2373 – 04.23.2022

Cronus, The God Of Time

The Greek God Cronus is called “The Father of Time” but time like all gods, I believe, is just an invention of man. I know this is not what most of you believers want to hear because you have invested a great deal of time in whatever myths and legends you follow.

Myths and legends are wondrously detailed stories that have entertained and kept devoted fans enthralled throughout all time, that man-made invention for keeping track of the days, the years, the hours and the minutes of our journeys here. Just how many days, years, hours, or minutes any of us will experience is anyone’s guess. Rather than wasting them watching “soap operas” perhaps we should be acting out our own stories. Here’s a thought, maybe just maybe that is the why and the what we are here for. In a vague line in the Bible, and there are many as there are in all the other also considered holy books, is the line: “Is it not written, you are gods.”

When our stories are written will they read like a Greek tragedy, a Roman, or a Shakespearean one? The myths and legends continue as do the soap operas. We can be watchers or actors. I’d rather be the later. See you at the cast party after the final curtain call, you too Cronus.

Your friend and fellow time and space traveler,

David White

Time In A Bottle

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