Seeing The Best In Everyone

Blog 2371 – 04.21.2022

Seeing The Best In Everyone

I have long believed that falling in love is just for some inexplicable reason being able to see in one person perhaps more than any other that wonderful “self” that is in all of us.

For quite sometime I have come to believe that all the so called holy books including the Bible are no more holy and inspired than any paperback novel. But even the Bible, a collection of sixty-six books picked by committee for their stamp of approval, has some inspiring and encouraging verses. One of my favorites reads: “God is all, in all.”

I believe that and therefore my favorite name for God is the Universe. In all the Universe there are countless stars and in a small corner of that vastness circling a star we call Sol is a blue marble of a planet we call earth. And on that planet billions of people are looking for love. That is another one of my favorite Bible verses and names for God. “God is love.” The eyes they say are the windows of the soul. Look deep and you might catch a glimpse of God, even in the mirror, the God who is all, in all.

Fall in love today and everyday.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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