Attempting A Little Brief Levity

Blog 2370 – 04.20.2022

Attempting A Little Brief Levity

I am one who has little if any real faith in doctors and medicine. Both I think should be used sparingly and only as needed. Our bodies were so fearfully and wonderfully made that if fed, watered, exercised, and rested properly, they require little if any preventative maintenance to keep them running like a well-oiled machine for many many years.

I do however believe that worry, stress, and forever juggling (trying to keep one ball in the air) takes a toll on the body and grates the soul till often there seems little at all to smile about. For that upside down smile condition I think laughter is the best medicine.

A Florida highway patrolman whose shift was about to end and who had heard just about every lame excuse for speeding pulled a man over on the Interstate doing thirty miles over the posted speed limit. At the drivers window, ticket pad and pen in hand he said to the speeder, “All right buddy, my shift is about to end and I think I have heard all the excuses. If you can tell me a new one that I have not heard I will let you go with a warning.”

The driver thought a moment and began his brief explanation for speeding: “Well, officer my beautiful wife of fifteen years ran off with a highway patrolman, and I thought it was you bringing her back.” The highway patrolman chuckled, put his pen and pad away, and said, “Get outta here, brother.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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