Winning Is Not Everything, The Only Thing, Or Even Always The Best Thing

Blog 2358 – 04.08.2022

Winning Is Not Everything, The Only Thing, Or Even Always The Best Thing

Learning how to lose gracefully and how to continue playing even amid a long losing streak is the essence of true gamesmanship or sportsmanship. And those are not sexist terms like G.O.L.F. (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden), but terms every player needs to learn and to practice.

Sore losers and poor losers are an embarrassment not only to themselves, but to everyone. Graciously conceding, admitting defeat, and allowing someone else to shine in the winner’s circle, yes and even offering them a conciliatory handshake or a pat on the back is the classy thing to do. Failing to do so marks a person as a poor sport, a real loser, and a truly unworthy competitor.

Once upon a time good sportsmanship was a valued commodity, but somewhere along the line white hatted heroes became unfashionable and the bad boys, black hat wearing bad guys, to whom winning at any cost, even cheating, became the ones to cheer for and emulate. The old adage, “You cannot do wrong and get by, no matter how hard you may try.” has been superseded in many a misguided mind by “The end always justifies the means” “Or the winners always get to write the history books.” Those last two cynical outlooks on life are not correct for the true winner will always be revealed as the one who played by the rules, win or lose, and realized that playing well and even losing well is more important than winning. We learn far more from losing than we ever do from winning. Those who have achieved true greatness in life are as proud of their second, third and last place showings as they are their wins.

True winner don’t smack faces, but shoulders and backsides in praise of the others’ achievements. One of the shiniest and brightest attributes of love is that she seeks not her own but the well-being and the success of others. Love is always a good loser. To lose in love is always to win.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You Look So Good In Love

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