A Perhaps Inconvenient Truth Does Not Have To Be

Blog 2357 – 04.07.2022

A Perhaps Inconvenient Truth Does Not Have To Be

Often times we are so busy living our lives that many of us give little thought to an exit strategy. As romantic as it may sound “going together on the buddy plan” unless we are twins, triples, or quadruplets, we are born alone and are most likely to exit in single file as well. Having agreed that is the mostly likely scenario perhaps we should give some thought to making that event if not easy on ourselves at least easier for our survivors.

Young people, middle-aged people, and even older people often loath making a formal last will in testament or end of life plans, but as death comes upon us often unaware we should make a few plans for it’s unavoidable arrival. It is rather selfish and irresponsible of us to force our grieving loved ones to make those end of life decisions for us and bear the financial burden of them.

Last year on my last away from home work assignment it was my goal to replace as much as possible the savings that my wife and I had to use up while I was off work for a year and a half due to Covid-19. I was not only able to do that, but also to set up an account I call “Our Paris Fund” with enough money set aside for a week long vacation for the two of us to the city of lights, a romantic vacation we have dreamt of for years. I also was able to put away enough funds in another account to bury the both of us so that our son will not have the burden of that expense when those inevitable days arrive.

The haunting song from the epic 1986 sword fighting movie Highlander by Queen called “Who Wants To Live Forever?” might be answered by us older more experienced folk, “Not me, at least not in this worn out body.” I believe that I have already lived many lives and worn out several bodies and hope to continue doing so after this life has ended. The Highlander got to keep all the treasures that he had amassed down through the ages, we unfortunately or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it, must start each new adventure with a clean slate. Not just bank accounts, but all debts as well are wiped clean, still a little bit of planning can make that exit stage right a little less stressful for those who have a few more scenes to play after our current performance here has ended.

Your friend and fellow traveler in time and space,

David White


Moon River

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