A Few Well-Chosen Words

Blog 2355 – 04.05.2022

A Few Well-Chosen Words

While many writers dream of writing that Great American or World Famous Novel, I am quite content at this stage of my writing career to find and polish to the best of my ability a few well-chosen words. According to an examination of my DNA I am one who does not have a fear of public speaking so here goes.

If this were my last blog, my last speech, my last note in a bottle, as it were, what encouraging words would I leave you? They would be something like a song that my beloved and dearly departed daughter sent me on a mixed Father’s Day CD a year before she passed ten years ago this summer. The song says, “Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time.” Debatably the most famous star ship captain, James Tiberius Kirk, quoting a famous English poet expressed the dearest desire of all ship captains, succinctly, a ship and a star to steer her by.

I have believed a lot of things and discarded most of them when I found they no longer served me. These words served me as a boy and still do, “I will see you when we get home.” I have come to believe that we will all arrive there safely after our adventures in time and space are all concluded. So my wish for each and all is full sails and happy trails.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


When You Come Back To Me Again

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