Happy 32nd Birthday, Son

Blog 2353 – 04.03.2022

Happy 32nd Birthday, Son

On April third 1990 my lovely and loving wife Linda presented me with a son. We named him Jonathan David James Wallace White. Jonathan so he would have his own name, David for me, his dad, James for my dad, and Wallace for Linda’s dad. That was a lot of names for such a little guy, but he grew to be taller than his dad and both his grandpas.

Today is Jay’s birthday. Almost ten years ago his only sister, Emily passed so as Linda feared he has spent almost a third of his life without any siblings. We tried twice to give him younger siblings, but sadly lost both babies before they were born. We like to think those little angels are watching over Jonathan and always will, with his sister Emily and all the dearly departed. I remember being afraid that he might not be alive at twenty-five, but he made it and I have every hope he will out live me. Since I plan as Mister Spock says to “Live long and prosper” I hope Jonathan is gearing himself up for the long haul.

As I thought about a cover song I might attached to my son’s birthday blog, one of James Taylor’s first hit songs came to mind, Sweet Baby James and a second about a young man’s dreams, Long Ago And Far Away. I always think of my dad when I sing Sweet Baby James, but Jon and I are both Jameses too as is one on his best friends, brothers, part of his posse – a Matt, two John’s, and a James. Sounds a bit like Jesus’ posse.

Of all the things his mother and I wish for him his birthday as does his lovely wife Lauren and his posse we wish him deep greens and blues and that all his sweetest dreams and birthday wishes come true. Many have already, but what wonderful dreams are yet to come.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David James White


Sweet Baby James & Long Ago And Far Away

The posse picture is from Jonathan’s wedding last May. From left to right James, Red John, Jonathan, Matt, and Big John. James and Matt were married before Jon and the other two John’s have married in the last years so they are all married now, sorry girls.

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