The Details

Blog 2352 – 04.02.2022

The Details

Many men it seems are big idea, big picture, and broad brush guys, counting and depending on someone else to flesh out those big ideas, color those big pictures, and take care of all the details. Women are usually better at detailed work, but for every rule there are exceptions.

I consider myself an exceptional person or at least I strive to be. One of the more recent phrases that I have added to my ever evolving and growing daily mantra is: “Whatsoever my hands find to do this day I will do with my whole heart, finding purpose in even the most menial of tasks.” To broad brush folk, men and women, the devil may indeed seem to be in the details, but I have found as many others have as well that working with my hands taking care of details is the work of angels. I recall a phrase from the King James Version Bible regarding angels, “He make the his angels ministering spirits.” And another place, “Many have entertained angels unaware.” It is in our service to others that we find that we too are angels on a mission from God, like the Blues Brothers, what a fun movie and what a fun way to live, taking care of business, the family business, and loving not just in word but in deed.

Sometimes an encouraging word is just the right detail, but more often it is an act, a sometimes seeming menial task done in secret on behalf of someone else. Angels are bending low.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Never Enough

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