You Are Not Alone

Blog 2333 – 03.14.2022

You Are Not Alone

When facing challenges it is important to know that we have resources. I have been out of my depth this almost a week trying to care for my wife who was suddenly released from a behavioral hospital last Monday. Every day is full of new challenges regarding how to care for someone who does not want to let me care for her. Getting her to trust me more than the voices in her own head telling her all kinds of strange things. The meds the doctors prescribed are supposed to help with the hallucinations and the anxiety, but getting her to take them is another challenge. Even getting her to eat is a daunting challenge at times.

Yesterday, was the worst day yet and briefly I even despaired that I was up for the task. As my wife’s niece saw her for the first time since her breakdown and I saw the helpless tears in her eyes imploring someone to do something I felt my resources dwindling. My son and I are considering another Emergency Room visit, another hospital, another set of doctors, a second opinion.

In the afternoon my Linda returned, more in her right mind. She let me help her bathe and even watched some TV with me in the den, a first since she has been home. Finally she let me help her back into bed.

This morning she was up early hearing voices in her head again and imploring me to believe her that she is alright. I was able to convince her to take her two morning pills. We all have our own set of challenges. One of the most difficult is watching a loved one go through trouble and feeling powerless to help. We are not powerless, without resources, or guidance. A way is always provided. I have to believe that, especially now.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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