A Sense Of Humor, A Tribute To Betty White

Blog 2281 – 01.19.2022

A Sense Of Humor, A Tribute To Betty White

Yesterday, I wrote of trouble that is no trouble really, but this first month without our dear Betty White has reminded all who knew her and of her how very much we will miss her sense of humor. I found some episodes of her early nineteen-fifties TV sitcom, Life With Elizabeth, on one of my streaming apps. She charmed and entertained us with her sense of humor for most of her almost one hundred years.

Betty passed on New Years Eve. Had she delayed her departure just a couple more weeks, until two days ago, she would have made it to the century mark, but Betty’s timing was always spot on and as much as she knew how to make an entrance and deliver a punch line, she also knew how to make an exit.

Betty made many a curtain call, and attended and shined at many an afterwards cast party, but none better or brighter than the one that awaits her and all of us this time.

Some years ago I made a recording, a voice over of the original singer songwriter, Andrew Gold, singing the song that was picked to be the theme song of another of Betty’s successful sitcoms. Life With Elizabeth was her first and Golden Girls was not her last.

Thank you, Betty, for being a friend, and sharing your wonderful sense of humor with us all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White (I would say, “No relation” but that just is not true, Betty, a true queen of comedy, was and will forever be a true sister to us all.”


Thank You For Being A Friend

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