Thoughts Become Things, Dreams Do Come True…

Blog 2282 -01.20.2022

Thoughts Become Things, Dreams Do Come True…

… and it is up to us to choose the best ones to dwell upon and to manifest in our lives. In a nut shell that is The Law Of Attraction and Manifestation. As hard as we we may try to deny our responsibility by trying to place the blame for the “bad things” in our lives or the praise for the “good things” in our lives on someone else, we are culpable and completely complicit in the creative process.

The Bible says that the Creator in the beginning said, “Let there be light and there was light.” In the Gospel of John we read, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Words are symbols that represent our thoughts. Everything we see, feel, taste, or touch around us was once a thought.

In two weeks I have an appointment at a nearby Harris County Court House Annex to transfer the tittle on my 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Pick-up from Indiana, where I purchased it new while I was working there in 2015, to Texas. Thanks to the kindness of a friend that I met in Indiana in 2015 I have been able to use her address to maintain the Indiana registration on my truck these years I have worked outside Texas.

In December just before Christmas I concluded the last of my on the road road work assignments. My last rodeo, so to speak, was six months in Nebraska. Indiana only requires that vehicles have a rear license plate so for most of the almost seven years that I have owned my truck I have had a plate on the front bumper of the truck that reads, “Think Happy Thoughts.” In two weeks I will have to remove that slogan and replace it with a front Texas license plate.

I plan to continue following those three words of advice myself and also continue encouraging others to do so as well. When we recognize that we are responsible for our own happiness and not someone else, we begin to consciously take charge of our lives and to really enjoy this adventure in the pursuit of happiness. I saw another great quote the other day:

You guessed it, the problem has be you all along, but relax for all we need do to solve any problem or change any situation for the better is to choose a better thought to dwell upon. Remember as my friend Mike Dooley says and so well: “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.” By all means, think happy thoughts, Pilgrims.

Your friend and fellow traveler in space and time,

David White

A Million Dreams

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