Destined For Trouble, But It’s No Trouble Really

Blog 2280 – 01.18.2021

Destined For Trouble, But It’s No Trouble Really

Sometimes a picture says more that the proverbial thousand words that they are said to be worth. When I saw the above picture, I just had to smile as I remembered one of my favorite Charles Schultz Peanuts cartoon frames. In the the full color Sunday funny, the Chuck behind Charlie Brown has the most theological Peanut, Linus, sitting by a campfire looking up at the stars and quoting the scripture, “Man is destined for trouble as the sparks fly upward.” That is the all inclusive “man,” standing for all mankind, womankind, and also includes rowdy little boys and especially broom stick pony riding, boot and hat wearing little cow girl rustlers too.

Little princesses are pretty in pink also, but there is just something especially heart warming about a little girl who knows there’s trouble ahead and sticks her chin out and says, “You comin’?”

Yes, my little love, yes, even if there are lions, and tigers,and bears, oh my. Getting to Oz was no picnic for Dorothy either, but no trouble really for a real live girl.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Over The Rainbow

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