In All My Travels I Have Learned When To Let Go And When To Hold On

Blog 2279 – 01.17.2022

In All My Travels I Have Learned When To Let Go And When To Hold On

In all my travels around this big blue ball spinning in space I have been many places and seen many faces, formed many friendships, and many attachments and had to say fine farewells to most. Most friendships even close ones do not survive great distances or long separation. That was a lesson I learned as a young man over fifty years ago. It was a hard lesson, but I survived it to learn many others.

The saying is, “If you love someone let them go…” to which hopeful people often add “and they will return to you.” That my friends does not often jive with the fact that most often when people leave they never return to us. If we are lucky we are left with a few sweet memories that their often abrupt and unexplained leaving has not completely ruined.

Two of my favorite sad love songs are “Broken Vow” and “What Makes You Stay?” Find links to my covers of both songs at the end of this short blog.

We cannot, as hard as we might wish, make someone else love us in the same way or to the same degree that we love them nor want to stay with us when their heart longs to be free or with another. Sometimes the greatest act of love for them and for ourselves is to just graciously leave ourselves or let them go.

The first phrases of the current version of my daily mantra are as follows: “My heart and my mind are open, my arms and my hands are open, my mouth nose, ears, and eyes are open to all the Universe has for me.”

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away “and we are as much as some farewells may hurt us, nonetheless for all the comings and goings in our lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Broken Vow

What Makes You Stay

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