Two Things Everyone Needs To Learn

Blog 2268 – 01.06.2023

Two Things Everyone Needs To Learn

The last item that I added to the list of things I ever attempt do on my blog is listed below my name on my, now since I retired from my day job, only business card:

The word is Teacher. And there are two things that I think everyone needs to know and practice. They are:

Sales resistance



Actually they go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other.

If you believe everything you are told you will likely be duped, fooled, and often. And if you disbelieve everything you are told you are likely to miss out on important information. But, how does one know the truth? To the attentive, properly trained, ear, the truth has a ring to it and the lie always has a tell. The old joke is, “Do you know how you can tell when a salesman or politician is lying?” The answer is, “His/her lips are moving.” Sadly the same is too often true of preachers, doctors, lawyers and the rest of us. We all lie, stretch the truth, repeat misinformation, and deceive, often unaware that we are even doing it. This is how myths and false religions perpetuate and grow.

Everything written is not true, nor is everything spoken. As hard as I try to keep my blog error free and true, I make mistakes. I get it wrong and even when I get it right I may sometimes get it so garbled that it is all but incomprehensible. If a particular blog misses the high mark of being entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging I apologize and promise to try harder to do better.

I do try to speak, write, sing and teach the truth. I am not selling anything really, what I present I offer freely and it has no hidden cost. Salesmen are taught to think that the money that we have in our pockets is actually theirs and that their job is to just convince us to give it to them. Just a little sales resistance can prevent that from happening. Try it and see if it does not save you tons of money. You are the steward, manager, of all the funds that come into your possession and as such are responsible for what you use it for and to whom you give it. A smart person does not turn loose of it easily and investigates all charity giving and purchases to be sure that the money that they let go of is wisely distributed.

Such care should also be used with what we believe and try to convince others to believe. Just as you examine coin and currency to be sure it is not counterfeit or fake you should weight and test what you read, see, are told, or pass on to others in the same way. We can train ourselves to smell, taste, and feel what is real and worthy of being believed.

Repeating a lie over and over again, louder and louder will never make it true, nor will citing the countless others who have bought into a particular bogus claim.

I believe, we can indeed know the truth of any matter, and that the truth can indeed set us free. Don’t believe me? Ask our higher best self, the God of the Universe, our loving and infinite source to show you what is true regarding any given point or question and wait for an answer.

In Bible College many years ago I learned a lot of unneeded, useless, and frankly false information, but I recall some professor said that God’s phone number might come in handy and it has. The number is Jeremiah 33.3, “Call unto me and I will answer you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

No Night So Long

P.S. In the book and movie, The Shack, the author convincingly portrays God, as a black lady. I like to think our higher and best self chose Dionne Warwick, herself a divine black lady, to sing the words from God’s lips to our hearts, “Follow me like you used to do. I still can show you, Who you are.”

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