Let It Be

Blog 2267 – 01.05.2022

Let It Be

Often the simplest answer is the best answer as in today’s quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Often if we are not careful we find ourself tilting at windmills and fighting when there is no adversary. Those who have studied human behavior say that we have a flight or fight mode that is switched on where adrenaline is pumped throughout our body to help us survive some pending confrontation that requires quicker responses to defend ourselves or to make a fast getaway.

This adrenaline rush is meant for rare emergencies only like the emergency exits in buildings and is not meant to be our common response or egress throughout daily life. Every challenge is not life threatening and does not require us to pack heat or to keep our finger ever on a hair trigger. Sometimes the less than ideal things come to us not to challenge us, but to remind us that being flexible and obliging can open us up to new tastes and new loves.

I have shared often one of my favorite episodes of the classic children’s program Sesame Street that I watched with my dearly departed daughter Emily when she was a young girl. The segment was staged as a political commercial and had a man in a suit and tie behind a desk saying, “Folks I have been hearing a lot of bad talk about rain (his voice getting stronger and stronger) Listen, folks, we’ve got to get behind rain.” I loved that lesson shared with my little girl for I loved my little girl (always will) and I love rain.

Sure it may inconvenience us at times by causing us to change some outdoor event or activity, but as an old church song says it so well to me:

That chorus was written to the song, Showers Of Blessings in 1883 by D. W. Whittle and I heard it first over sixty years ago as a boy in church. It has run through my head countless times since then and helped strengthen my appreciation of rain.

Sometimes rather that pushing the panic button or turning things over to the complaint department we need to just “let it be” and enjoy what comes as the gift it truly is. “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights (our loving and infinite source) with whom is no inconsistency, neither shadow of turning.” All His/Her promises are “Yes, yes” and “Bless, bless” and aimed at our happiness.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Let It Be

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