Ease Up On All That Knocking, Just Use Your Keys

Blog 2269 – 01.07.2022

Ease Up On All That Knocking, Just Use Your Keys

Yesterday, I mentioned God’s phone number (Jeremiah 33:3) and right after that I received this Note from the Universe:

It is a child that believes everything must be done for them and provided for them. As we grow we come to understand that we are more than able to provide for ourselves and that the true power, our loving and infinite source, is the One Mind of our highest and best self.

The Romans were proud of the road system that they built and used to say, “All roads lead to Rome.” I would paraphrase that a bit and say, “All roads lead home.” By that I mean that every path eventually leads to the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose we are.

Jesus once said and I paraphrase, “You search the scriptures hoping to find yourself, to find God, and these are they that testify of me.” He said God is “me.” In the Old Testament God told Moses that his name was “I am.” There you have it clothed in a riddle and wrapped up in a mystery, the answer to the proverbial question, “Who am I?” Jesus once praised Peter for his quick and loud answer when he asked him that question, but Peter’s answer goes deeper and is even more profound that the surface understanding. Peter answered, “You are the anointed child of God” but if it was not clear then it is now that the parent, the child, and we are One.

It is as the title and Note above says, high time that we knock off all the knocking and just use our own keys to the treasure house, open the door, and take what ever we desire.

The wise and all knowing Tom Jones once sang:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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Help Yourself

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