I Usually Rise Early

Blog 2266 – 01.04.2022

I Usually Rise Early

For some years I have made it a practice to rise early most morning to write and post my blog while most everyone else was still sleeping. I guess I had in mind that my artistic effort might come to be viewed as the morning newspapers once were. But then since there are so many time zones earlier than mine, I guess that was never going to be all that practical.

I have heard often when I sang karaoke, wrote, spoke, or tried to teach, “Don’t quit your day job.” I always found it funny how those who lack the courage to get up front so often are critical and quite discouraging of those you do. Last month I did finally quit my day job, but don’t worry, I am not counting on my singing voice, speaking, writing, or teaching skills to support me and my wife in retirement. We have savings and retirement income for that.

Still, not having to get up early for work has caused me to rethink my writing and posting schedule. I have teased friends, family, and potential readers for six plus years now that if you ever want to know if I am still kicking to just check the link to my blog:


If I have not posted for more than a day, I am probably dead, or at least out of it. I am intending to leave this adventure with my full mind and quickly without a lingering battle with some painful and debilitating disease. Crazy Dave, do you really think you get to choose? Of course I do. I happen to believe that everything that comes to us, everything that we could ever want or need, comes to us at just the right time and in just the right way from our loving and infinite source. I furthermore believe that God, the Universe, is indeed our Higher Best Self. And that we in some brief rest stop between adventures planned this one out in great detail, then wiped our memory of our past lives and of our planning this one so that we could again know the thrill of rediscovering all over again just Who and Whose we are and what a truly wonderful world this is.

Well, I started out to write an excuse for sleeping late, but then retired folk with no certain place to be and no certain time to be there need neither to give an excuse nor to ask permission to sleep late if they so choose. The saying is: “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Another one I like is when asked, “How are you doing?” to smiling respond: “Just living the dream.”

Sweet dreams, waking and sleeping, Sweethearts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Retired but still writing, singing, speaking, and teaching, (or at least trying to)

David White


What A Wonderful World


Like my boyhood hero Paladin, my card could read, “Have Gun Will Travel” but I believe that both the pen and voice are mightier than the sword, so I leave my gun at home, but I am available to share my gifts from wherever I am or to travel upon request for just traveling expenses, my loving and infinite source continues to provide all my wants and needs.


Note just received from the Universe:

Thanks, I needed that.

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