“Live Long & Prosper”

Blog 2261 – 12.29.2021

“Live Long And Prosper”

Today’s quote comes from a widely known Vulcan and long time first officer of the starship Enterprise. In one of Leonard Nimoy’s last appearances as this beloved TV and movie character. He says to a younger version of himself, “Since my usual salutation might seem a bit self-serving I will simply say in parting, ‘Good luck.” I may have gotten a word or two off in that quote, and though, thanks to Google, I could easily check, and usually do, I will not this morning, but leave it just as I recall it. Doing that is how stories and translations stray over time from their original meanings, but then that is not always such a bad thing either.

Conservatives are always wanting us to go back to the original intended meanings of our nations founding documents. That they believe that people many years ago could even anticipate the challenges of the world that is we live in today is quite a stretch and I think honest hearts would have to admit that the original writers of the American Constitution hoped that future generations would indeed find ways to make a more perfect Union of the one they began that would extended this freedom and liberty to all. Remember originally only land owning white males even got to vote in this then new democracy almost two and a half centuries ago. We have come a long way, Baby, as the saying goes, but have so much farther to go to extend true democracy to everyone. And there is a small strong group of you guessed white male property owners who really do not want to see that happen and never have. They never thought it was a good idea letting men of color vote nor of allowing women to vote.

It is no surprise to me that our most evolved ancestors mated with Neanderthals. So many men especially refuse to let go of beliefs that no longer serve them or anyone really but hinder progress.

Another old saying is, “If I has known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body.” Some are just beginning to realize that about our planet too. If we expect Mother Earth to continue taking care of us we must immediately take better care of her, if we have any hope that our children and grand children will live long and prosper as we have.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Colors Of The Wind

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