The Matrix Revisited

Blog 2262 – 12.30.2021

The Matrix Revisited

I have not yet seen the new Matrix Resurrections, but I recall the fascination I felt watching the first three movies as Neo discovered what he thought was real was not and learned the truth of who he really was and where. Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe and several other wonderful books on the power of our thoughts to create the things in our life often refers to this matrix where we live out our dreams as the Time Space Jungle.

I especially liked yesterday’s inspiring quote of the day as I believe that time is indeed how we spend our love and that space is where. We are all, time and space travelers, pilgrims on a journey. The price of admission seems to be temporarily, at least, giving up the knowledge of Who and Whose we truly are, but reawakening to that knowledge seems to be the theme of all these life adventures in time and space. Yesterday’s Note from the Universe was I think, as most of them are, spot on:

Thank you, Mike, and thank you Universe for constantly reminding us that we are not here to prove, learn, or earn anything really, but just to discover again and again Who and Whose we are. Instead of getting caught up in the drama and trauma or believing that we are prisoners of “fate” or step-children of some angry god we just need to be still for a moment to know, to remember, just who planned this little vacation long long ago in a galaxy far far away so we could boldly go where no one has gone before. How’s that for merging the Star Wars and Star Trek themes story lines with The Matrix? The dearest one in all the world to me said yesterday as we traveled the farthest we have traveled together in one day for quite some time, “It should be simple.” And I replied, “Oh, but it is when we rediscover, remember, Who and Whose we are, have always, and ever will be.

Bon voyage, all you fellow time and space travelers, don’t forget, in your drive to arrive at your desired destination, to enjoy the journey.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Highwayman

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