“Oh, My Aching Back”

Blog 2260 – 12.28.2021

“Oh, My Aching Back”

Today’s title is an expression that many use to describe the nagging pain that comes from the usual stresses and strains of what they consider “normal” life. Negative self-talk unlike extra strength Tylenol does not help with the headaches, neck aches, an backaches, but only adds to the burdens that we carry. Like the Don’t Worry Be Happy song that says, “When you worry you make it double” when we allow negative self-talk to become the accompanying sound track of the movie that is our life we make it no longer an adventure sometimes comedy, but into a tragic horror story.

Still even, the worst of bad habits can be changed by replacing them with good ones, and condemning and hurtful words can be replaced with uplifting and encouraging ones. Mothers and grandmothers, famous for their wise advice, have long tried to teach us the importance or the right words when they say. “if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all.” Silence is often the best start, for if we get quiet enough we can hear that still small voice so tender and meek that it a bruised reed will not break nor a smoldering wick snuff out (Matthew 12:20.)

Ego on the other hand always has something to say about everything, and everyone, including and especially you, and it is always “bad news” of theirs, or our own short comings and failings. To major on such only gives him/ her/them power over us by robbing us of our true power, the power of love and hope, No matter the ache or pain we are promised things will always get better, “Only believe, only believe all things are possible, only believe.”

Jesus had quite a reputation for healing all manner of diseases. Disease is an interesting word meaning something amiss, something uneasing, using the word itself to define itself, not the best way to define a word, but often resorted to even by the best dictionaries.

But how did he do it, how was Jesus able to heal all manner of maladies, setting people free from pain and disability? I have heard it said that he had the ability to see everyone in their best and highest light. Jesus not only knew Who and Whose he was but Who and Whose each of us truly is and he did not need to carry a silver colored heart in his pocket to remind him that he, that we are “Holy and Whole.” When we say anything less we are distorting our truth and our reality.

My seeming flippant quick response when someone asks me, “How are you?” Is not flippant at all, but well-practiced and well thought out, for I am “Fine and Dandy” even when ole ego is shouting “Oh, my acing back” I can still hear the sweetest voice in the wide world, barely more than a whisper saying, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

Who are you gonna believe?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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