Fear Not, Nor Be Angry

Blog 2259 – 12.27.2021

Fear Not, Nor Be Angry

One of the greatest lines, I believe, in all of Scripture is, “Perfect love casts out fear.” That is because the opposite of love is not hate but fear.

Being afraid makes us angry and all who have tasted those two emotions know the truth of a more excellent way, more excellent even than faith and hope – and that is without question, love.

The concluding lines in Nate King Cole’s hit song Nature Boy say it perhaps even more clearly than Scripture:

One of my favorite verses of the multi-versed song by Leonard Cohen’s, Hallelujah, follows:

The eternal truth is that it does not matter which you hear, the holy or the broken hallelujah. The dictionary defines hallelujah as:

“A shout of joy, praise, or gratitude” and for what, for Love of course, for it is both broken for us and holy or whole. Therefore we have no reason to go back in anger or forward in fear, but be forever around in awareness of how much we love and are indeed loved in return. We are ever and always right in the sticky middle of love.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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