Blog 2258 – 12.26.2021


The dictionary defines blessed as:

I think the fourth definition is more than all that other religious mumbo jumbo the true definition of what it means to be blessed, “To be blissfully happy or contented.” The sayings of Jesus called The Beatitudes in the King James Version read “blessed” and the more modern translations use as a synonym for blessed the word happy. I Like the rendering below from Luke and Matthew “Blessed/Happy.” Christians are not the only religious group that in my opinion think they are more special, more chosen than others, more blessed as it were. The proof that we are blessed is the evidence that we are happy.

Whenever I am asked, “How are you?” My standard reply is, “I am fine and dandy.” for I consider myself most blessed, not because I am wiser, or more gifted than anyone else, but because somewhere along the way I decided that it is more important to be happy than it is to be right. Religious people, political people, and sports fans set a lot of store in “being right” but in their pursuit of “righteousness” they often forget to be happy. Righteousness, if I read the Bible correctly, is always a conferred commodity and not something we can obtain by even the most devout and determined pursuit.

Of Abraham, the purported father of two great religions, three actually, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it was written, “Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him as righteousness.”

I carry in my pocket a small silver colored heart that has inscribed on one side, “Thank you for this day, Spirit” and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole” to remind me that holiness and wholeness are both simply our birthright and nothing to be sought after or pursued. Happiness/blessed, on the other hand, does require something of us. We are not guaranteed happiness, just the right to pursue it like the illusive butterfly it truly is.

Happy hunting, all you whole and holy ones out there. Don’t worry, be happy on this Twofer song day after Christmas and everyday for the rest, the blessed, the best, of our lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Illusive Butterfly Of Love

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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