Snow Day

Blog 2244 – 12.11.2021

Snow Day

Due to a day long snow storm that was forecast for north eastern Nebraska for yesterday the decision was made to cancel Friday’s work schedule. A “snow day” is the dream come true of all children who live in snow country. In my hometown, Houston, Texas, snow, even flurries let alone any accumulation, is a rarity. So when I started this my last away work assignment on June first, I hoped that I would get to see snow in Nebraska before I head home and it finally came yesterday. It looks like we got maybe an inch of the two to six inches forecasted, but I am waiting for daylight to check it out.

With only a peak out the door in the dark, it does not look like enough to build a voluptuous snow woman so I will just have to settle for taking a few pictures before it melts and throwing a snow ball or two.

One of my favorite snow memories took place on a long drive up from Houston with my loving and lovely wife Linda and our then fifteen year old son Jonathan to see Mount Rushmore, near Rapid City, South Dakota. We saw it and so much more on that week long spring vacation. One even more impressive sight than Mount Rushmore was on the way we detoured off the interstate, at a suggestion of some friends we met along the way, to see Devils Tower in Wyoming. What a marvelous natural wonder that is. And in the National Park rest area at the foot of the butte there were heated restrooms and several inches of snow that had not melted in the shadow of Devils Tower. Jay and I, boys at heart at any age, had a wonderful snowball fight. Even Linda threw a few.

Our son, now thirty on almost thirty two, is now married and he and his lovely wife Lauren are hoping to have a children in the near future. No official announcements yet. But at seventy-one, Linda and I, are ready to be grandparents anytime. No pressure kids, do enjoy the days it’s just you two. Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep late every chance you get. Those memories will be precious to you.

On some rare winter weather event in Houston in the not too distant future I hope to have a rematch of that Devil’s Tower snowball fight with Linda and I probably losing gracefully to Jay and Lauren and a new relief pitcher or two on their team, all of us yelling, “Snow Day.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Official Music Video)

Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Official Music Video)

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