My Last Rodeo

Blog 2245 – 12.22.2021

My Last Rodeo

Today begins the last week of my away work assignment in Nebraska. Houston, here I come. I learned last week that Friday will be my last day here. Grateful as I am to have had this opportunity, I am ready to hang up my spurs and retire. A work friend asked, “What are you going to do after you retire from work?” I just smiled and let him imagine a life free of the drudgery of work as most younger people think retirement will mean for them. In my heart my real answer to that question is a line I recently added to my daily mantra. It goes:

“Whatsoever my hands find to do, I will do this day with my whole heart, finding purpose even in the most menial of tasks.”

That is, my friends, the secret to a purposeful life whether working or retired – living whole-heartedly and finding purpose in even the little repetitive and seemingly menial tasks. All that is beneath us is what we think we are better than and I have come to realize that is a category that just does not apply to those of us who have remembered just Who and Whose we are. Oneness allows for no favorites, no lessors. Those who believe in a Universal hierarchy are also those most easily taken in by pyramid schemes where only the few at the top ever reap any of the real rewards.

Before she died, on one of her famous Father’s Day mixed CD’s, my beloved daughter Emily sent me the song “All For The Best.” It is a very fast song and you have to listen close to get it all. It is sung as a round and gets pretty confusing, but the gist is: They get it all and we get the rest, but it’s all for the best.” Utter nonsense and that pyramid scheme will fail as they all do eventually for the Universe is about Oneness not a Duality where it is them against us or we are better than them.

Oneupmanship may indeed seem to be the path to fortune, fame, and progress. But, has Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, popular this time of year, tells of another time when the differences between the haves and have-nots was equally glaring, we are not here to live our own lives but the One Life together. Happy holidays everyone, whatever name you choose to call them. Though this is my last rodeo in the work a day world I intend to stay busy nonetheless for as Scrooge learned, “Mankind is my business.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Amarillo By Morning

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