Who Are You Going To Believe?

Blog 2243 – 12.10.2021

Who Are You Going To Believe?

I think Phoebe is really on to something in today’s inspiring quote. It is not just crazy people who hear voices. We all hear voices, all but two of which are just echoes. Only one of the remaining two voices is true and can be entirely trusted and relied upon. It is the still small voice that we must quiet our hearts and minds to hear clearly. The louder more pressing and argumentative voice is that of The Great Pretender – puny little ego, who roars like a lion.

His/her come on line is, “You’re not happy, I know why, and am the only one who can help you find happiness in this unhappy world.” Ego is always the politician promising anything to get your vote, seldom if ever delivering on those promise. Ego cares nothing about your happiness only his/her own gratification and survival. One of my favorite Jesus quotes is: “No greater love has any man (or woman) than to lay down his (her) life for her friends.” That depth of love demands we listen and has the only voice that not just promises, but delivers peace and happiness in a sweet whisper saying, “I love you, Baby. Calm down. Everything is gonna be alright.”

Last night I watched again a movie I have watched several times. It is called Looper and is a time travel movie, one of my favorite book and movie genres. The lovely Emily Blunt plays a mom with a small gifted son. He has a very dangerous telekinesis gift that he has not yet learned how to control. When he is fearful/angry (both the same really) he unleashes a destructive force that destroys everything and everyone close around him. Mom has a walk-in safe in an upstairs bedroom that she has had to run to and shut herself in on several occasion when her little boy loses control of his emotions.

Young Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, shows up to try to save the little boy from his thirty years older future self, played by Bruce Willis, who is trying to track down and kill in the past the crime boss monster called The Rainmaker in the future. The Rainmaker had his wife, the great love of his life, killed and tried but failed to have him killed. Old Joe has the date The Rainmaker was born and the hospital code where he was born. There were three children born in that hospital on that date. Young Joe tears off a pice of the map that old Joe has showing the locations of where the three children are. Old Joe’s plan is to kill all three children to save his wife’s life in the future. After he kills the first two he must go up against his younger self to kill the third.

When young Joe sees what the little boy can do he too is tempted to kill the little boy before he can grow up to be The Rainmaker. The boy’s mom keeps telling young Joe that if she is allowed to raise him with love he will turn out good not bad. In an act of the greatest love she puts herself between her highly agitated son and old Joe who means to shoot him dead. Young Joe arrives just in time to see how it might all turn out, Old Joe killing the mom, the boy killing old Joe, and then hopping a train fearful and angry to grow up to be the monster Rainmaker. He is not close enough to stop old Joe, but having seen the power of a mother’s love that he never knew he points his blunderbuss at his own chest and pulls the trigger. Old Joe disappears and mom calls her young son out of the cane field where he was hiding and they hug. And you know that little boy is going to grow up to use his gift for good because of a mother’s love.

The one voice is always screaming how bad it is going to be, there is nothing we can do to change that. One of the writers of the New Testament even has Jesus saying, “There will always be wars and rumors of wars.” I do not believe Jesus ever said that and if he did his human side was over powering his divine side. Most of us allow that to happen to us too often by listening to the wrong voice. Who are you going to listen to and to believe, the one who loves you enough to die for you or one who always lies and is unwilling to even try for you? In this election your vote really counts and your happiness depends on it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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