Always Remember…

Blog 2223 – 11.19.2021

Always Remember…

For those of you who find believing in or thinking about any kind of high power or religion at all like the picture above, a bit fuzzy, let me take a few moments to share my thinking on the subject. Oh, no, not another Bible salesman trying to push his or her angle on God. Believe me I agree and quite sympathize with anyone’s desire to not answer the phone or door for that B.S. or to quickly hang up the phone or slam the door immediately, but please read on. I won’t be long today.

For almost twenty years I was so angry at the narrow fundamental cult that I grew up in that I slammed the door shut and refused all calls from God or anyone claiming to represent him or her. I tried my best to be a devout atheist, even so I still had occasional dreams, I thought of as nightmares at the time, of finding God again. Those dreams came true eventually.

I had paid thirty-five dollars for a brief paper that I saw advertised on-line called something like “How To Make Manifesting Work For You Or The Secret Behind The Secret.” Having seen the short video call The Secret, I was intrigued to know more. At any rate, right away the author of the paper who claimed to be a quantum physicist said, “For this to work for you, you must believe in a higher power.” I almost stopped right there, hung up the phone, slammed the door shut, but I did not. I read the next line and the entire paper. The next line was: “But, if believing in a higher power is a problem for you try thinking of your higher power as just your higher best self.” I had finally met God face to face. That light bulb turning on moment reminded me of a popular Christian song by Evie Tornquist in the nineteen seventies that said, “Till you find Him in the mirror, you’ve got a long way to go.” It is surprising how everything seems to start make sense when we finally get a clue as to just Who and Whose we truly are.

Mine is a religion with no guilt, no dues, no ten percent surcharge and no big black book of rules and regulations, just a whole lot of love. And lastly but more importantly no “holier than thou”, chosen people clause with a limited sitting heaven after party or hellish consequence if you say no to any particular sales pitch.

I close today with a thought from my yesterday’s Note From The Universe: “David, you do realize that everyone you meet in this life is just me in disguise, even you.” Wow, that certainly takes the worry out of being close.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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