Live Life Joyfully

Blog 2224 – 11.20.2021

Live Life Joyfully

Fifty one years ago when I was and soldier in South Vietnam, one of my daily joys was receiving mail from home. Only one thing means more to military people far from home than letters that also reminds them that they are missed and thought of and that is a package from home. Yesterday, when I arrived at the trailer park where I am staying in north eastern Nebraska on my last away work assignment, there were two packages awaiting me. One from my friend Deb in Wisconsin, and one from my lovely and loving wife Linda back home in Houston. Deb’s gift was an early Christmas gift and Linda’s, a birthday package for my seventy first birthday on Monday.

The little plaque pictured above was in the box from Linda along with several other reminders that she misses me and thinks of me as I do her.

I chose this work assignment so I cannot complain and as anxious as I am to get home I am glad and grateful for this opportunity to have meaningful work that is helping me put back the savings that we all but exhausted during the year and a half we were unable to find work during the COVID-19 pandemic shut down.

None of us chose that to happen and many if not most of the things that come our way are beyond our control. Much of our frustration and stress in life comes from unfounded beliefs long held that we should have let go of years ago. It is a popular notion especially in the West that we are free to do as we please and say anything we like. We are not and have never been nor should be, but yet many claim the right to fight, die, and kill others to protect their so called personal liberties. Exaggerated personal property rights are also great stressors. In my work as a gas utility inspector watching work crews install new gas mains and gas services to residential homes mostly, more than once I have seen customers get really upset because they thought the guys were disturbing their property failing to remember that the cities have right aways off roads and alleys several feet into what we often wrongly consider our personal property. We recently lost several feet off our lot in Houston due to the city installing a new sidewalk. That property was never ours, but the city’s and be sure we never got a break on our property taxes for cutting and watering their grass all these years.

I am taking perhaps too long to get to the encouraging word this morning. This is it: Although we cannot chose our circumstances or even change them for the better sometimes very quickly we can choose to find the good in all things, the joy in every present. Someone has said: “It is a gift, that is why they call it the present.” I am glad and grateful for the three popular words that describe three of our most special gifts “home, heaven, and mother.” My wife has for over half of my life embodied all three of those to me. I have only to think of her wherever I am at anytime of the day or night to know a joyful thought. The little gift above that I received yesterday is just a another reminder of what I have long known and I hope you do too. Joyful is always a good choice.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength

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