A Few Brief Words

Blog 2222 – 11.22.2021

A Few Brief Words

“A few brief words from our sponsor” is a phrase we have heard for years on “free” radio and “free” TV, why even on the “free” internet we are continually bombarded with commercials for this or that. I have for the going on six years that I have been posting The Encouraging Word been encouraged more than a few times to monetize it by advertising or asking my readers to pay or to donate to support this project. Since I am considering just how I might put some funds in a trust to pay my annual fees to Word Press to keep this account accessible after I am no longer here to add additional posts, I confess I was for a moment tempted to arrange for donations to that end. But will not since doing would cost me two things more than I am willing to pay:

1. I would lose the high ground in my quest to protest that everything is not meant to be done for profit.

2. I would lose my license to share freely all that I have freely received.

Those two things are rather more important to me than any monetary reward for my encouraging words. I only ask two things of you if you find encouragement in anything that I have “freely” shared and will continue to as long as I am able:

1. I ask that you share it also “freely”

2. I ask that if you feel any debt to me or to the many I have borrowed “freely” from and hope to continue to, just pay it forward.

We all have sadly in our lives, short or long, thought and shared more than our share of not so encouraging words. It behooves us to tip that scale in the opposite direction. Think not on all the discouraging words you have thought, shared, or had shared with you, nor dwell on fearful things, but be encouraged by every encouraging word that you have ever seen or heard and help us to continue put them out there center stage for all to see and hear.

My intent beginning this blog and continuing it has been is to profit myself in only two ways:

1. To become the writer I always hoped to be by practicing my craft

2. To widen my circle of friends to include my greater family which I consider everyone to truly be.

There you have it two, two, and two To(s) on this Blog 2222 Day, a few encouraging words from my loving and infinite source that always provides me with everything that I could ever want or need at just the right time and in just the right way. And not just me, but all my brothers and sisters too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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