Finding Purpose

Blog 2198 – 10.24.2021

Finding Purpose

Another song from my youth was written by Pete Seeger in the early nineteen-sixties and recorded by him and many others, the most famous recording being that by The Byrds released in nineteen sixty five.

The original title was “To Everything There is A Season.” The Byrds recorded it as “Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) but called it just “Turn, Turn, Turn” on the album cover and the shorter name stuck.

There is time for most everything in a life, each it it’s turn. Life is best lived with a sense of purpose and finding that purpose can be a life long quest for many of us. Still, if we learn to focus on the small details we will begin to awaken to the realization that there is indeed a purpose to everything under heaven.

Another modified Bible verse that I have added to my daily mantra is: “Whatsoever my hands find to do, I will do, finding meaning in the most menial of chores.” I have experimented with several closing phrases for that line and for now have settled on the above, but as letting go of beliefs that are no longer serving me is part of one of the Ten Intentions For A Better World that I follow, I am ever open to modify, take up new beliefs, or discard no longer serving ones as suits me.

Others seem always eager to try to tell you what to believe, or to try to define you, or to try to tell you what your purpose in life is, but only you can define you. Our higher self designed this adventure in time and space so that we could rediscover that purpose as we rediscover Who and Whose we are. Wherever we Turn, Turn, Turn we are confronted with clues, even in the most menial of tasks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

It is a residual of years of training to be a journalist, public speaker, preacher, teacher, parent this always trying to say, to sing, or to write something profound. “Here is the link The Byrds singing “Turn, Turn Turn:

The Byrds Turn Turn Turn lyrics

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