“We Could Start A Fire”

Blog 2197 – 10.23.2021

“We Could Start A Fire.”

My music taste has really grown since I was a boy. I do not remember it, but my mom and dad told me that shortly after I was old enough to walk and talk that I would drag a kitchen chair over to the refrigerator, on top of which, they kept a radio, climb up on the chair, and sing along with Kitty Wells as the local country-western station aired her hit song, “How Far Is Heaven?”

How Far Is Heaven

How Far Is Heaven

Several years ago I saw the movie La La Land in a theater and several times after I could stream it on TV and also bought the DVD. I liked the music so much that I also bought the soundtrack so I could play it in my pick-up when I drive. As I said, I like all the music in La La Land but two songs that I like especially are Audition (The Fools Who Dream) and John Legend’s “Start A Fire.”

La La Land – “Audition (the fools who dream)” scene

La La Land – “Audition (the fools who dream)” scene

Official Clip from La La Land – John Legend – Start a Fire

Both songs, to me have a similar theme with that of the Kitty Wells’ song that they tell me that I sang to as a wee lad. Some people think that heaven is a far away place, somewhere over the rainbow, but I believe that at least some of the words attributed to Jesus are literally true and he is supposed to have said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” It certainly was in that little boy as he drug that chair across the kitchen, climb up on it, and deliver the performance of a lifetime to warm his mama and daddy’s hearts.

We cannot make others happy, but we can share our happiness and warm even the coldest hearts if they will but let us. And yes, John, we can start a fire and to quote Emma’s aunt, “That’s why they need us.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Old Flame

Post Script: That little boy is still standing on that chair singing his heart out for anyone willing to listen.

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