“P.S. I Love You”

Blog 2185 – 10.11.2021

“P.S. I Love You”

Before “Yesterday” took it’s place as my favorite Beatles’ song that place was held by another love song of theirs called, “P.S, I Love You.”

I love to write letters and for several months now on this my last away from home work assignment I have written and mailed a love letter to my lovely and loving wife Linda. I wanted her to have them as evidence that she more than anyone I ever loved or married is my one true wife. She has stuck with me through thick and then.

When my mom first met Linda she took me aside and told me, “This woman is never going to let you go.” For many years I thought that was some kind of warning, but I have come to realize it was not a warning, but a promise. I think it was a comfort to my mom in her struggle with chronic depression that her “Sunshine” would have someone to love him as she had since the day he was born when she was no longer around.

We all want to believe that somebody gets us, sees something in us worth holding on to and never letting go. I see that in her and she sees that in me. We are fortunate to have found one another and weathered the storm stirred up by ole ego trying to shipwreck our Love Boat.

I do not always end my love letters with P.S. I love you but, I do make it a point to write those three wonderful words more than once to her in each short letter because as the Beatle song says, “(You know I want you to) remember, that I’ll always (yeah) be in love with you.”

I encourage everyone who loves someone to take a few moments to write an ole school love letter to them today, print S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss) on the envelope flap after sealing it, and oh yeah don’t forget the P.S. I love you at the end of the letter. Sure you could give them a voice call, text, or email, but for the price of a stamp, a bit of paper, and a little ink you can give them a gift they can treasure for a life time.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Michael Buble in his song “Home” says that letters are “just not enough” and that is true, but they are something we can hold on to as reminders that we are loved.



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