100 Years, 10 Thousand Blogs, 10 Thousand Smiles

Blog 2184 – 10.10.2021

One Hundred Years, Ten Thousand Blogs, Ten Thousand Smiles

They say it is good to have goals and the three things in today’s blog title are three of mine. But, more specifically one of my most special goals is to write and to sing encouraging words and songs. Yesterday, day I treated myself to the new Bond movie, Daniel Craig’s last as the iconic British secret agent. The title of the movie is No Time To Die.

The Bible, a book, sixty-six actually, less the Apocrypha, is all over the place on death as it is on many subjects, proving to thinking people, I believe, that it is far less divinely inspired than man manufactured and manipulated. Two examples: “It is appointed unto man once to die.” and “They that believe in me shall never die.” Whatever you or I believe, not withstanding, be we Pope or lay person, civilian or Super Spy we each one of us will find plenty of time to die. I believe we have lived and will continue to live many lives and that we have therefore already experienced many deaths with more of them to come as well.

But, while we are at it we should live, love, and laugh, making the best use of the time we have this time around and all of us Bond fans are awaiting the arrival of a new Double Oh Seven and a new Bond franchise. In addition to the movie treat that I experienced yesterday, I had another unexpected treat. I monitor the number of views that my blogs receive each day. Views and likes are nice to receive, but I am always pleased to see when some new reader follows my blog especially when they take the time to read several blogs at once and click like. Another of my goals is to become a better writer and yesterday I felt like I might be making a little progress toward that goal as one new reader read yesterday’s piece and in addition a week’s work clicking like on all of them.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for spending a little time with me, I hope you find it ever worthwhile and encouraging. They say, “Practice makes perfect” but I am of the opinion that performing not practicing is where we get it write (right). I heard somewhere years ago that anything you do ten thousand times that you will become expert at, hence my goal of ten thousand blogs.

Let’s try a little experiment that will take less than a hundred years. Each morning for the next ten thousand days, of this life, or a life to follow if need be, look in the morning mirror and put on your biggest and brightest smile, and say, “I love you” to the face in the mirror. Then try to keep that “I love you” look in your smiling eyes as long as you can each day.

Get ready to rock this world with me. I think that Dolly must have been a Dali Lama in a previous life, with that wisdom, lovely smile, and all her other talents and attributes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Gift

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