To Find The Right Words

Blog 2186 – 10.12.2021

To Find The Right Words

It is this poet, writer, singer’s continuing quest to find the right words. Over the weekend I began streaming again the Netflix series The Politician starring Ben Platt as Payton Hobart. His singing voice reminds me of that of Josh Groban. In the first episode of the first season of the series Payton is running for high school President and has ambitions to one day be President of the United States. After the suicide of his opponent in the race, River Barkley, the handsome classmate his mother hired to tutor him in Chinese and who became his close friend, Payton stands before a school assembly to honor his friend and chooses to sing the song River. It is a beautiful song, a beautiful tribute of well chosen words:

River sung by Ben Platt, The Politician

You do not have to be a poet, writer, or singer to appreciate well chosen, and well delivered words, spoken, written, or sung. The highest praise comes often, “I wish I’d said that, wrote that, sung that.” I wrote a little poem for my wife in a love letter this morning called “To Find The Words.”

I share the last of three small verses with lovers everywhere:

To find the words

But if I never do

Believe me, Baby

I love you.

In our search for the right words, three of the most beloved words in the English language are heaven, home, and mother, when we find someone who embodies all three of them for us, our quest to find the right words to tell them so is only begun.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Home To Stay

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