Today Is The Day

Blog 2182 – 10.07.2021

Today Is The Day

When I was a boy I used to like to tag along with my dad, who was far more gregarious than my mom, when he would make the rounds visiting friends and relations. Dad had a curious greeting. He would grin real big and say, “Birthday Greetings” whether it happened to be anyone’s birthday or not. Birthdays are our special days. When we wish to honor people especially we make a national holiday of their birthday. Years ago in the U.S. we used to honor both our first President, George Washington, and our sixteenth, Abraham Lincoln, that way in February each year, two separate holidays that got turned into one President’s Day, the third Monday in February. Getting a three day weekend in February is nice, but I think I liked the two separate holidays better.

Most people even many of those who claim they do not celebrate birthdays like to be remembered on their special day. In his book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie suggested that remembering a person’s birthday is a great way to start up and to keep a friendship going.

Tuesday evening I watched for the third time a movie that means a great deal to me, The Healer. If you have Netflix you can find it there. Toward the end of the movie a young girl that has been diagnosed with terminal marshmallow, (her doctor said cancer was just too scary a word so he picked a less scary one) asked her two new friends to promise her that if she died that they would spend each day they had more than she like it was their last. She did not die as predicted, but found out happily that her marshmallow had gone into remission.

I would like to ask all my friends whether I live to a hundred or die tomorrow to promise to live each day left them like it was their birthday. Let us everyone make my daddy’s unorthodox greeting a reality in our lives. Today is the day. It is always today. Happy Birthday.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Happy Birthday Song | Happy Birthday To You Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

Happy Birthday Song | Happy Birthday To You Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

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