Begin Again

Blog 2181 – 10.06.2021

Begin Again

Sounds like a line from a music teacher determined for you to get it right. Well, I have bad news for all you slackers out there and I consider myself chief among you, that is exactly what we are here for – to get it right. But, no rush, take as much time as you like, actually take as many lives as you like, but rest assured you will get it right before you get to move on to a higher plain, another level.

And none of that “Do you know who I am?” And I know Somebody, or I am one of the Chosen Ones. We all are Chosen, know Somebody, and are Somebody, but rules are rules and this one is neither broken nor bent for anyone. You cannot go on to higher, harder tasks till you first master the basics. No one ever got to be a world class anything without practice, practice, practice and learning and having the fundamentals down pat.

So begin again and again as many times as you need till you know you have got this. Some of us are slow learners, but that is no problem for some of the greatest masters of all had to repeat a grade or too. Albert Eisenstein may never have failed a math test, but every subject was not easy for him nor for any of us. I believe we all have equal access to the One great mind. And we know what they say about great minds – they think alike.

None of us started out this life with everything figured out. Some of us took several months longer to learning to walk, to talk, and to properly use that potty seat. No matter, even us “late bloomer” caught up soon enough and are right where we need to be.

Having trouble with a particularly difficult subject, trial or test? Take a break, have a cup of tea, or juice, throw some papers over your shoulder, (A former boss of mine advised his secretary to do that with something she had tried to type and messed up five times.) By the way after a good laugh she began again and got it right the first try. Sometimes all we need is a little distraction.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Someday We’ll Know

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