Be Mindful

Blog 2182 – 10.08.2021

Be Mindful

First let me say I am aware that the motherly, fatherly warning, “Be Careful” is not usually intended to add to the many cares that most of us are trying to juggle simultaneously. Most often we end up dropping the ball or all of them whenever we attempt to juggle. A wiser two word warning to those we love would be to just say “Be Safe” or even better “Be Mindful.” A smart person, they say, learns from past mistakes, but a wise person thinks first and avoids as many mistakes as possible.

For some years safety has been a big part of my work as a quality assurance inspector. Many of the client companies that I have worked for require their employees to perform JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis’s) before starting each job. Sadly more often than not these JSA forms are just “pencil whipped” without much real thought put into them, but the concept is a good idea: to think about what we do before we do it, to rehearse in our minds what might go wrong and take steps to prevent accidents rather than just reacting to them is always a good plan.

Before beginning any journey or task we should first visualize the destination or out come we hope to achieve and then plan a few steps ahead. When driving on a new road especially in the dark I like to look over the potential route on a map, make use of Google Maps as a guide when available, and turn on my high beam headlights being careful to dim them for oncoming traffic. Living mindful helps us see what is coming up ahead of us like those high beam headlights.

What is the encouraging word in all this? There are two really, Be Mindful. You will enjoy a safer and more satisfying experience if you do and complete each task or arrive at your destination more safely and soundly.

Only the highest and best is my wish, my prayer, my intention for myself, the Universe, and each and all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

This Masquerade

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