“What’s It All About, Alfie?”

Blog 2175 – 09.30.2021

“What’s I All About, Alfie?”

Poets, writers, singers, song-writers, politicians, preachers, teachers, and promoters all have to be a bit forward to believe that they have the answer to a particular question. We all have found ourselves playing at least one of those roles, perhaps all of them at one time or another in our lives. It is both the curse and blessing of us especially longer livers to have picked up a few tricks along the way and many of us want to share them with others even if there is no particular profit in it for ourselves.

I believe many of the biggest problems in life can be traced to the “profit motive” gotten out of hand. They who would be rich quick are tempted to take short cuts that often end up hurting others and themselves as well.

I may not know everything, but I know the One who does, and He/She/We is willing to share the answer to any and all of our questions, freely just for the asking. In Bible College I was taught that God’s telephone number is Jeremiah 33.3, “Call unto me and I will answer thee.” It is a free call and you will not get a long teasing spill that ends with “And all I need is your credit card number.”

What’s it all about? It isn’t about turning a profit, making a name for ourselves, or about leaving a legacy. It is all about love, freely sharing what we have been freely given. How sad the pervasive but mythological belief of the self made man or women usually expressed by words like, “I don’t need your help, your assistance, I can do it all by myself. Really? We all have a tendency to forget the first few years of our current adventure in time and space along with all our previous adventures. Why do you suppose that is? I have a theory about both. The first few years we forget how totally dependent we were upon parents, family, and even the kindness of strangers because it is something the ego in us would like to forget. And the second (memories of previous lives) we forget because apparently that is the price of admission into each new adventure. Those memories would spoil the whole illusion because these lives are learning adventures, dreams if you will about learning how to love.

The little boy had it all figured out when he was explaining why dogs have shorter lives than humans. He wisely concluded at even a young age that we are all here to learn how to love and since dogs already know how to love they graduate sooner and at the top of their class.

Take a look at the words to the nineteen-sixties song Alphie, they are quite profound and to the point.

I am reminded of an old joke that I first heard as a boy:

A young boy came to his mom with questions. He asked, “ Mom is it true that God gives us our daily bread?”

“Yes son,” she answered. “

“And is it true, Mom, that God is our Heavenly Father.”

“Yes, son.”

“And is it true that babies are gifts from heaven?”

“That is true too, son.”

“Then what’s the ole man hanging around for then?”

Mom was speechless, but the answer is why we are all still hanging around, for advanced lessons in loving. Many of us are still in Kindergarten while some are pursuing their PHD’s. Doctor of Love, sounds pretty impressive.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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