An Equal Opportunity All Seasons Lover

Blog 2194 – 09.29.2021

An Equal Opportunity All Seasons Lover

Like the song Dixie’s opening line: “In Dixieland where I was born in, early on a frosty morning…” I began this adventure in Chattanooga, Tennessee on a frosty late November morning almost seventy one autumns ago. I used to say that autumn was my favorite of the four seasons. Actually it is Frankie Valli, the lead singer, but I tease, I love all their four distinct voices melded together in harmony as I love all the four seasons.

I have in my almost seventy-one times four seasons of traveling this big beautiful blue marble spinning in space been in all fifty states in my home country and eleven other countries including five provinces in Canada. When asked what is my favorite country, state, or province, I always answer that they all have something to recommend them, something to especially love about them.

It is the same for the four seasons, in autumn the trees put on there party dresses and after a fancy ball let them fall (doesn’t just the thought of a beautiful Cinderella dropping her slipper warm the heart of any would be prince). I recall from my boyhood the smell of burning leaves in the fall. Winter, for those fortunate to live where they have four distinct and near equal seasons, has it’s snow and ice to adorn the landscape. And glorious spring after an especially long and chilling winter can really lift the spirit. And then those long and lazy summers sipping ice tea or other cool drinks in the shade. Yes, autumn, winter, spring and summer are my favorite season.

One of these wonderful seasons despite the promise of the first of today’s songs, I will leave you for a bit, but like the proverbial penny they keep promising to get rid off, I believe that I will turn up again, and again, and again…

Your friend, fellow traveler

And equal opportunity all seasons lover,

David White

If Ever I Would Leave You

The Highwayman

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