The Greater Good

Blog 2173 – 09.28.2021

The Greater Good

It is a concept that often gets less emphasis in this mostly “what’s in it for me world.” But, thankfully there are still many individuals and even many groups seeking ways to improve and and expand the general welfare. Our fate is intertwined with that of others and nothing we do or says is without affect on others.

It is therefore good to temper all our desires, dreams, prayers, and intentions with the disclaimer, “I make these and all of my intentions for the good of the Universe, myself, and all people everywhere.” Some have not considered in their “get ahead, me and mine first” calculus, that the welfare of all should be our concern as well.

The founding fathers of this republic put “promoting the general welfare” as a high priority in laying the groundwork for this new free and democratic nation. Grant you they understood and well the profit motive and were not blind to the self interest of businessmen and politicians and so tried to set up checks and balances against greed, power hunger, and self interest. As more and more of We the People have gotten the franchise, the vote, we have advanced the general welfare to more of our population. We have a long way to go before liberty and justice for all reaches everyone. The way to get there is not by limiting votes but encouraging more and more voter participation. Many do not vote because they can’t, but far far more do not vote because they do not think their vote will make a difference. We need to remove both of those terrible hinderances so that everyone can have a real say in this government of the people, for the people, and by the people. It was never intended to be just a few who called all the shots or a government of the corporate lobbies, for the corporate lobbies, and by the corporate lobbies.

The greater good, the general welfare, should be everyone’s concern, not just greater profits, and a bigger return on money invested. Life is meant to be more than gold. There is the Golden Rule and it is not “They that have the gold rule” but “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler in space and in time – in love,

David White

Only Hope

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