“Be Prepared”

Blog 2172 – 09.27.2021

“Be Prepared”

One of the things I learned and learned well almost sixty-one years ago during my one year as a Boy Scout was the Scout Motto, “Be Prepared.”

As they say over and over again in the HBO series Game of Thrones. “Winter is coming.” As one who has over the last twelve years of this traveling contract inspector life spent all but one of those winters in northern climates I can predict that cold and hopefully snowy days are coming to north eastern Nebraska soon. I spent the better part of the weekend preparing for it.

My first winter in my little house on wheels on the prairie was spent in Baggs, Wyoming. I was told that I would need a water hose with a heat strip and to skirt the trailer and put a couple of heaters underneath it to keep my water flowing all winter. That was the first skirt I ever made for her, but not the last. It was already cold before I put it on her and it was hurried with minimal planning and though it did the job, I vowed to do better job the next time. And I did in Crawfordsville, Indiana. That skirt was by far the most elaborate and prettiest, made of plastic double sided fencing panels, with painted plywood hinged doors to get underneath to drain the sewer tank and so I could store things underneath. Several years later I had another assignment in Indiana that went into December so I again had to shirt the trailer, this time I used thin plywood with thin insulation attached to the inner side. It was a long and tedious process and it was cold before I competed it.

Last winter I was home in Texas with my wife and our Mom was visiting us from South Carolina. We had a freak freeze that almost killed our palm trees, but the trailer was winterized and in a storage facility nearby and needed no skirting. I had saved the painted plywood skirt and marked the backs of the pieces with numbers so that I could put it back like it was. I left it behind for additional flooring in our storage shed, thinking I would do something different this winter as I drove the almost eleven hundred miles to Norfolk, Nebraska, the nearest all winter campground I could find to the assignment in Wayne, Nebraska, about thirty miles north east of Norfolk.

As you can see by the pictures I got the skirt finished before the trees put on their party dress this year. Instead of a song today, I attach a poem I wrote several autumns ago about the trees putting on their party dresses.

From cooling Nebraska:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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