Rainy Days and Mondays or How to See The Love In Everyone And Everything

Blog 2165 – 09.20.2021

Rainy Days and Mondays or How To See The Love In Everyone And Everything

Such a long title should be indicative of a shorter blog. It it said of Ernest Hemingway’s writing by way of praise that “His economical and understated style – which he termed the iceberg theory – had a strong influence on 20th century fiction.” I heard someone whose opinion I learned to respect say once that anyone who could not say what they had to say on any subject in less than thirty minutes had not really thought it out.

As one who often does my best thinking on paper and talking at length, I confess to being a bit long winded and verbose. They are two problems that I struggle to keep in check. Two of my favorite writers are Mike Dooley whose Notes from the Universe are always brief, to the point and spot on, and Dean Koontz whose novels have been known to take up to ten or more chapters just to introduce the cast of characters, but they are still some of the best if not the very best that I have ever read ever poetic and poignant even dealing with the most gruesome and horrific of subjects.

Long a poor and impatient reader and listener as a young man I thought my daddy’s stories and most sermons and lectures were too long and rewrote them newspaper style in my head with the five W’s and H (the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) in the lead paragraph. It is a newspaper trick to get all the basics across in as few words as possible. That habit I think helped me become a better speaker and writer. The secret to both is rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, re-writing, re-writing, re-writing, and polishing, polishing, polishing. It is the secret to becoming expert at anything.

Loving is like that too. Find someone or something you really love and go to work on your loving skills till you perfect that love and soon you will discover that you become so practiced at the art of love that you can love everyone and everything, even rainy days and Monday, two of my very favorite things. Contrary to Karen Carpenter’s hauntingly lovely song, rainy days and Mondays always make me glad as do you my friend even when you’ve got the blues.

Your friend and fellow traveler through space and time,

David White


Rainy Days and Mondays

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