One True Sentence

Blog 2164 – 09.19.2021

One True Sentence

Famous novelist Ernest Hemingway began his writing career after high school as a newspaper reporter for a few months at the Kansas City Star paper before leaving to go to the front of the First World War as an ambulance driver. His quote above impressed and inspired me to write one true sentence for myself, for the Universe, and for everyone, this morning.

It is not an original, nor new idea, but an old tried and true one. Here goes:

“You are loved, you are lovable, you are altogether lovely for you are love.”

We all are actually. It is the very nature of Who and Whose we are. One of my favorite verses in all of the sixty-six books of the Bible comes from one of John’s little letters and as much and probably more than any other sentence in the book of books I believe it to be a truly divine quote, one true sentence.

“I have no greater joy than to hear of my children living in the truth.”

Well, there are two true sentences for you. What do you think, Ernest? Did I nail it? Well, maybe not, but rest assured as long as I can I will attempt each day to write that true sentence here at for heaven sake, for love’s sake, for all our sakes.

Your friend and fellow traveler in time and space,

David White

Today’s song is from my dearly departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, an original song she wrote and sang accompanied by her Saxman, band mate, producer, and promoter, Toby Harris, in their band called Dancing With Spock.


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